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Breathing is Fundamental for survival. We do it all day everyday. Staycation Fitness recognizes that just because we all breathe doesn't mean we breathe correctly. We begin by teaching the foundations of breathe work and how we can use it in everyday life, work and sport. Performance breathing helps with mental focus, physical activity, endurance, and stressors of everyday life. It can be used in order to excite and put the body in a sympathetic (fight or flight, think getting pumped for that big meeting or race) state and/or relax and calm the body and mind and help enter into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest, think calming the mind from a stressful day or getting the body ready for sleep). 



Movement can be done in many forms including breathe work, resistance training, endurance exercises. We like to combine them all at different times and then use them in the pool.  The pool is an outstanding place to increase your breathing skills while working on your strength, endurance, concentration and ability to stay calm in what can be an uncomfortable environment. The pool also offers an option for low impact training with weights that sometimes are not an option on dry land. In my opinion it also brings back the youthfulness of play to your workout and reminds us to have fun, challenge ourselves and share it with others!



We use Breathe work in our recovery methods in many ways. We breathe to recover in the pool, in the gym on a run. We breathe to recover in our breathing sessions and meditations. Breath work is one of the most key elements in our exposure recovery training. We like to call our exposure and recovery training "fire and ice". This recovery method uses cold and hot exposure to stimulate the muscular, cardiovascular and nervous system. It provides us with renewed energy, improves immune function, helps decrease joint pain, helps the longevity of our cells, brings blood and nitric oxide to the brain and much, much more! We love the fire and ice time, it creates community and friendship while improving your overall health! 

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